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Prescott, Arizona is one of the gems of the Southwest. It is the third largest metropolitan area in Arizona. Prescott is  within Yavapai County. The Yavapai-Prescott Indian Tribe reservation is located partially in the borders of Prescott and the surrounding area. This beautiful city is influenced by the Native Americans that live in the area and has a taste of the Old West. Prescott was said to be home to Doc Holliday before he ended up in Tombstone with his friends Virgil and Wyatt Earp.

The city has survived in spite of several major fires in its early history. Downtown Prescott was rebuilt with brick. The center of Prescott features the courthouse plaza. Lovely old elm trees are scattered around the lawn. It is the site of many concerts and gatherings on summer nights. The city was named after William H. Prescott. It includes many historic buildings. It has the oldest restaurant in Arizona and the oldest bar. Many of the historic buildings are now art galleries, book stores, restaurants and small boutiques and specialty shops.

The people who live in Prescott take pride in their city. It has been given some wonderful designations such as Arizona's Christmas City, one of a Dozen Distinctive Destinations and in 2012 was named the Number 1 True Western Town of the Year. The people of Prescott have many historical Victorian homes. It is well known for its historic Whiskey Row. It is also home to the World's Oldest Rodeo and is a popular city for many of Hollywoods films, not the least of which are Junior Bonner as well as the Getaway.

Although it has many Victorian homes and an Old West feel, it still offers some other wonderful cultural and recreational attractions. Prescott College is a small liberal arts college that specializes in environmental and social justice issues. The city is also home to The Arizona Pioneers' Home. It is a long-term retirement home operated by the State of Arizona. The retirement home has cared for many of Arizona's original founders and included a Hospital for Disabled Miners.

Prescott is home to many community events that draw tourists and the local population. Some of the events that are popular in Prescott are Frontier Days, a huge July 4 Celebration, a Bluegrass Festival and Cinco de Mayo celebrations. In the fall the residents enjoy the Pumpkin Patch Carnival and the city boasts of the Largest Gingerbread Village in the world.

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